We often hear about how invigorating it is to be free and rid of a 40-hour work week behind a desk in a monotonous office; free of the corporate world and the overbearing bosses. After all, this is the type of work that entrepreneurs avoid at all costs, and the type of situation those who are encouraging us to become an entrepreneur will describe. However, what if I told you it was all a lie? The situation I have just described, the situation all of us are avoiding, is exactly where we end up as an entrepreneur. So yes, we were lied to. The glamorous promises of wealth and freedom, the limitless creativity and control over our own destiny all sound incredible, but as everything in life, it comes at a high cost. Here are My Top 5 Real Reasons to Become an Entrepreneur.

1. Those 40-hour work weeks will become 60-hour work weeks, with 40-hour work weekends. No one tells you how many hours you will have to spend on the most grueling tasks when owning a startup, nor does anyone tell you how easy it becomes to live, breathe and sleep your company. Every tiny milestone your company (your baby) achieves is a direct reflection of how hard you have worked, and let me tell you, there is no pay raise or promotion in the world that will give you that sort of euphoric high.

2. That monotonous office setting becomes a coffee shop, your bed, the floor in your living room, your car, the mall food court. No one tells you that work follows you quite literally everywhere as an entrepreneur. There is no escaping the company, because you ARE the company. Your eyes are opened to a brand new world; everywhere you go is an opportunity, a new chance at networking and opening doors. You make new friends this way, and I am not talking about the friends you meet at the water cooler in the office to catch up on the gossip twice daily. Your office becomes your world, and with that comes limitless opportunities for friendship, networking and connections you would have never experienced inside your cubicle.

3. Ever heard of an API system? Me neither. And I now own a technology based company and cell phone application. Sure, you may be free of the boring corporate world, but I assure you that at times you will wish you had taken the conventional career route. No one tells you that you will never be comfortable in your career again. You will constantly be learning, adapting, creating and taking risks as an entrepreneur. No one tells you that becoming an entrepreneur
means becoming a lifelong student. No one tells you that by ditching your little cubicle, you ditch the safety net of guidelines and comfortability. No one tells you that you will grow to love learning and creating more than you ever thought possible.

4. Remember how overbearing and controlling your boss was? Look in the mirror. When is the last time you told yourself “That’s good enough!” or, “Next time you can do a better job.” As an entrepreneur, no one tells you that you will become your biggest supporter and consequently your biggest critique. When you own your own company, settling for “good enough” or “I’ll do better next time” is unheard of. Your limits will be pushed, your self- discipline perfected and self-esteem will skyrocket. An entrepreneur is constantly seeking improvement in his/her company, and consequently in him/herself.

5. Lastly, no one ever told you that becoming an entrepreneur would be the best decision you ever made. My name is Kelsey Duncan and I am a 20-year- old business owner. My company, The Sorority Guide ™, is a cell phone application that guides Potential New Members through the Sorority Recruitment process, empowering them and giving them the confidence to choose the perfect sorority. No one ever told me that becoming an entrepreneur would change my life, giving me the power to choose my destiny with no limits. “Become an entrepreneur,” they said, but no one ever said “Become a lifelong learner, become empowered, inspire others, become a role model for yourself. Become an
entrepreneur and become your best self.”

Written by Kelsey Duncan